September 7th–9th 2010 Portland, Oregon

Cox Media Group
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This Wiki is for all DjangoCon US participants. Please have a look around, add your name to the list of attendees, and add any new pages we're missing.


  • Room Sharing - People interested in sharing hotel rooms for the conference.
  • Attendees - People attending the conference. Add your name and handle here.
  • Volunteers - Want to help with the conference? Add your name here.
  • Open Spaces - Want to talk about something outside of a talk or hold a BoF? Setup an open space.
  • Lightning Talks - Links to slides - Lightning talks are 5 minute talks on any subject. If you would like to give a lightning talk sign up here.
  • Slides - Links to slides from the talks.
  • Sprints - Information on the DjangoCon Sprints, held from the 10th through the 12th.

Transportation From Airport

If you're flying into Portland International Airport (PDX), you can take the MAX light rail. Theres's a station at the airport; ticket is $2.35, takes 20 minutes; Lloyd center station is just outside hotel.

Thanks @brosner, @alex_gaynor, @freakboy3742

Adding new pages

You can add a new page by visiting the URL of the desired page. For instance if you wanted to add the page "example" you would go to and then create the page from there. If you wanted to create the page "sightseeing" you would go to Make sure to add a title to your new page (this is not done automatically), fill it in with your desired content, save the changes, and then to link to it from this page so that others can find it.

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