September 7th–9th 2010 Portland, Oregon

Cox Media Group
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The Weidler Room across from the main conference rooms is available for open space sessions. If you'd like to hold a session post a name, description, and start time below. There are eight tables of five available so feel free to have two or three overlapping sessions.

9/8 12:30pm - Deploying Django: Challenges and opportunities

Let's talk about challenges in deploying Django, and ways to make it easier/faster. Here are some possible questions and topics to discuss. Grab a quick lunch and then meet in the Weidler room from 12:30-1:30pm. (organizer: Nate Aune @natea)

9/9 9:00 am - Django and news / journalsim stuff

General topics of interest.

9/8 2:05pm - Scaling and Performance

Bring your tips and tricks for avoiding downtime. StarCraft 2 is welcome (bring a mouse!)

9/9 5:30pm - Django Documentation technology

Let's talk about how we can improve the documentation technologically, e.g. multilingual content, annotations. (organizer: @jezdez, room: "Quiet Room")

9/8 4:20pm - Why Django / Enterprise Django

Let's talk about the the content, needs, and standards of a Django advocacy site.

9/8 5.20pm - Multilingual Models

Discuss multilingual content in your database, how you solve it, how it should be solved, etc. See for what we talked about at DjangoCon EU. (organizer: Jonas Obrist (the guy in the CMS shirt) @ojiidotch)

9/9 6:45am - Morning Run

Not really Django related. I'll be going out for a short morning run (3-4 miles) along the Eastbank Esplanade. I would be happy to have anyone come along. Goal will be a nice "conversational" pace. We'll leave from the lobby at 6:45am. (organizer: Mark Lavin @DrOhYes)

9/9 8:30am - Django Education Foundation

A dissemination about what has happened in regards to Django Education and a chance to have your say as to what should happen going forward. (organizer: Daniel Greenfeld @pydanny)

9/8 4:40pm - 6 or Later - FreeGeek Computer Recyclery

Portland has a thriving geek community and we would be remiss to ignore it. FreeGeek is a local computer recyclery and linux user group. You can check out there website at: I called ahead and made plans to come by and check out the space today and discuss how to implement these in our own communities. I'll be in the lobby with a sign at 4:30 and will be heading out at 5:00 for anyone who wants to come with. Email me at mike AT caktusgroup(dot)com for more info.

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