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Why Does Django Hate Python?

In fine Djangocon tradition we invited Glyph Lefkowitz "front man and agent provocateur" for the Twisted project to give a talk on "Why I hate Django". In response, Glyph has taken the idea and tweaked it a bit. We're excited to announce Glyph's keynote: "Why Does Django Hate Python?"


Open Source 2.0: The Science of Community Management

One of the most compelling features of using Django is the amazing community that has formed around the project. To that end Djangocon has always tried to include talks which discuss various ways we can work to improve our community. This year we are honored to say that David Eaves, public policy, open government, and negotiation expert, has agreed to speak at this year's conference.


Tutorials Now Available

Do you want some of the best Django training available anywhere at any price? DjangoCon tutorials on Monday September 5 are amazingly cost-effective.


Designers Make It Go to Eleven!

One of the most exciting developments in the Django world recently has been the announcement of Django's new Benevolent Designer For Life, Idan Gazit. Accordingly we're happy to announce that Idan will be giving his first BDFL address at this year's Djangocon US.


Call for Papers

Giving a talk at Djangocon is a great opportunity for you to give something back to the community while increasing your visibility within it.