Djangocon 2013

September 2-7, 2013

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CMG Digital

Cox Media Group Digital and Strategy is a Python shop, and we have built one of the largest Django apps ever-scaled to serve web, mobile and more for 100+ media sites. We are a startup with the backing of a billion-dollar integrated broadcasting, published and media company.

Caktus Group

Caktus is a team of sharp web developers and designers who use Django to create high quality web applications. Our passion is bringing our clients' ideas to life by using a process of agile and iterative development to deliver a solid product. We can architect a solution from the beginning or augment your existing internal team to assist with development. In addition to planning, designing, and building fantastic web apps for our clients we also provide developer training. Visit our website to learn more about how we can collaborate on your next project.

New Relic

New Relic is on a mission to create a better web and mobile experience for everyone by making apps faster and more reliable. With over 50,000 active accounts and 90 billion metrics captured each day, they help make the web a faster place.


Mandrill is a scalable and affordable email infrastructure service, with all the marketing-friendly analytics tools you’ve come to expect from MailChimp. Apps can use Mandrill to send automated transactional email, like password reminders, shopping-cart receipts, and personalized notifications. Mandrill offers advanced tracking, easy-to-understand reports, and hundreds of template options that shouldn’t be limited to bulk email newsletters. And it’s built on MailChimp’s proven email platform, which sends more than three billion emails a month. Developers love the quick setup, webhooks support, and high delivery rates. Marketers love the beautiful interface, template options, tagging, and custom reports. And both love that you can send 12,000 emails per month absolutely free.

Imaginary Landscape

Imaginary Landscape is a Django-powered website design and development firm. We started in 1995, discovered Python in 1999 and have been an exclusive Django shop since 2006. We have a multidisciplinary team that includes user interface, systems administration, design and the best team of Django developers you'll find anywhere. Call us toll free at (877) 275-9144 and see how we can help.

Revolution Systems

Revolution Systems specializes in Django development and scaling. A little knowledge can be dangerous. What you don't know can hurt you. Which is why we offer expert Django training, commercial support, consulting and development services. Our unparalleled insight and understanding of Django makes us the best provider for the support you'll need.


PostgreSQL Experts, Inc. is the only company in North America dedicated exclusively to professional services for PostgreSQL and PostgreSQL-backed applications. Our team of established PostgreSQL and open source technology experts provides all of the database and application skills necessary to develop new applications, accelerate your existing applications, refactor your infrastructure and solve your database problems.


Tryolabs specializes in Python/Django Internet applications with Artificial Intelligence Components. Tryolabs offers expert agile development services focused on Silicon Valley and NYC based Startups, and a set of Products to quickly integrate Machine Learning modules into MVPs and platforms. Our technologies include NLP tools, recommendation and data analysis & retrieval engines.

Tryolabs is a global company based in Silicon Valley, Uruguay and France.

The Open Bastion

The Open Bastion, a Holden Web subsidiary, produces open source events, training and conferences for an international audience.

The Open Bastion aims to help organizations that don't have the time or resources needed to organize quality events. We help produce both public, as well as private events. We'd love to help you produce your in-house technical event.

Code Talkrs

At Code Talkrs, our primary goal is to make you successful on the web.

We do that by bringing to bear our years of experience with projects that run the gamut from a simple blog to news organizations boasting multiple millions of visitors per month.

No matter who you are, you’ll get our devoted attention, our skill at translating business needs into technical requirements, and the processes we’ve created to manage projects to successful conclusions.

Sprout Social

Our team of dedicated engineers, marketers, designers, product specialists and customer service professionals work tirelessly for our customers. Team Sprout also boasts a quirky and culturally diverse combination of personal characteristics and interests. From foodies to fearless travelers to amateur photographers, we share our stories and enrich each other's lives through teamwork, healthy competition and mutual respect. A sustained love of all things social guides us, day after day. Founded in 2010, Sprout is a private company backed by the venture funds of NEA and Lightbank.


Quoin is a boutique technology firm that delivers innovative online and mobile solutions to a wide range of industries, including online media, e-commerce, life sciences, retail, financial services, and government. We provide expert consulting and support to our clients — from startups to Fortune 50 companies. We are experts in Django and the complement of enterprise technologies for building robust and scalable systems.

Collaboration is our hallmark. We will work with you to define the most effective ways to put technology to work in your business. Our energetic and highly effective project teams ensure flawless delivery.

Quoin’s extraordinary track record of commitment to client success dates back to 1994. Our services include web development and hosting, technology support, process assessment, staff augmentation, and training.


Pluralsight is a global leader in high-quality online training for hardcore developers. The revolutionary Pluralsight training library provides developers everywhere with instant access to a rich collection of online training courses delivered by world-renowned industry authorities. Pluralsight provides flexible and cost-effective subscription plans for individuals and businesses starting from as little as $29 a month. See what you can learn at and join the @pluralsight community on Twitter.


Sauce’s cloud-based testing platform allows developers to automatically or interactively test mobile and web applications on more than 150 browsers and platforms including iOS, Android & Mac OS X. With built-in video recording of every test, debugging tools and secure tunneling for local or firewalled testing, Sauce makes running, debugging and scaling test suites easier than ever. Sauce supports automated functional testing with Selenium and Javascript unit testing in all the popular programming languages, frameworks and CI systems. For more information, visit


We turn ideas and data into remarkable experiences.


Heroku provides you with all the tools you need to iterate quickly, and adopt the right technologies for your project. Build modern, maintainable apps and instantly extend them with functionality from hundreds of cloud services providers without worrying about infrastructure.

Excella Consulting

Excella Consulting helps clients develop and execute strategies to use technology. We get things done by combining broad knowledge with deep expertise and by building great, long-term relationships. We define and execute technology strategies to produce real business results by following a simple corporate philosophy. Take care of our people, take care of our clients, and the rest takes care of itself.


3atmospheres is a small and creative web development team based in New York, NY. We take pride in making great websites that are creative, simple, and easy to use.

We have a strong focus on usability, web standards, and accessibility. Along with technical expertise in proven web technologies, we evalute your needs and help choose the right tool for you.

Django Software Foundation

Django Software Foundation is a 501(c )(3) non-profit established to support development of Django by sponsoring sprints, meet ups, gatherings and community events; to promote the use of Django among the world-wide Web development community; to protect the intellectual property and the framework's long-term viability; and to advance the state of the art in Web development.