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Announcing the State of the DSF Address

We're excited to announce Djangocon's first keynote speaker for 2011 - Russell Keith-Magee, President of the Django Software Foundation

One of the highlights of Djangocon is the opportunity to meet, hear from, and talk to the people who have made Django what it is today and who are working to make it even better tomorrow. Russ is absolutely one such person. If you've spent any time on the django-dev mailing list, irc channel, or looked at Django's commit logs, you're sure to recognize his name. For the last few years Russ has been one of the most active Django core devs and has excellent supporter of the wider Django community. Recently as President of the DSF Russ has been leading a number of efforts to get the DSF more actively involved in the community.

For this keynote Russ will be providing some background on what the DSF is, what it has been up to recently, and what it plans to do over the next year. If you're interested in contributing to the Django community, this will be a great way to find out what opportunities are out there and to find out how the DSF can help.

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