Djangocon 2013

September 2-7, 2013


Finding the tutorials

Tutorials are held in the Columbus Ballroom.

To attend the tutorials, please proceed to the East Tower of the Hyatt, main lobby. Go down two levels, following the signs for the Grand Ballroom, and you will see the DjangoCon signage.

Morning tutorials start at 9am and run until 12:30 (with a half-hour break), afternoon tutorials start at 1:30 and run until 5:00, again with a half-hour break.

Why attend?

Increase your skill set and learn new ways to get more out of your Django installations. These tutorials are simply the most cost-effective Django training available with prices 15% lower than last year. We are offering six tutorials this year, and you can reserve your places at Eventbrite using the same account you use to register for the conference. You do not have to attend the main conference to take advantage of these tutorials.

Reserve Your Tutorial Places Here at Eventbrite.

Harry Erik Max Josh Daniele Kirby

Tutorials are only guaranteed to run if registration levels are high enough. If we have to cancel a tutorial due to low numbers those registered will be offered their choice of another tutorial or a full refund of fees.

All tutorials are half-day events, and all students are cordially invited to a complimentary sandwich buffet lunch.

Tutorial registration is open reserve your places now!

Monday Morning

Realtime Django with Socket.IO - Max Burstein

Find out how to drive real-time data to your users by integrating into your Django applications.

Using Saltstack to Bootstrap Django - Erik Johnson

How to take the manual steps out of bootstrapping Django using SaltStack for continuous deployment and configuration management. Learn how to deploy repeatably and scalably.

Don't Be Afraid to Commit - Daniele Procida

Go through the committer work flow to become a more productive open source contributor. Join the ever-growing community of Django and other open source contributors by learning the essential techniques.

Monday Afternoon

PostgreSQL Replication Tutorial - Josh Berkus

Learn in detail the essentials of how to set up and configure binary replication, using hands-on exercises to reinforce the material presented and ground you in practical experience.

A Beginner's Introduction to TDD, Web Development, Django and Selenium - Harry Percival

Build a simple web application from scratch using Django with full, rigorous TDD at every stage. You will learn how to test Django and other web systems effectively.

Leveraging Python - Kirby Urner

As a Django developer, you have hooked your star to a popular programming language with a sprawling / growing user community. You want to capitalize on this investment by exploring where Python might take you independently of Django, plus you want a more complete understanding of Python-the-language, including Python 3.