September 7th–9th 2010 Portland, Oregon

Cox Media Group
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Talk Submissions Are Open

It's that time of year again. The Django community is coming together and you have an opportunity to speak to them. For the last couple of years we've had some awesome talks and we can't wait to see what you have in store for this year. Get your submissions in by July 10th.

Below are some recommendations, based on what has worked well in the past, for you to consider in your proposal

  • Focus on a specific audience within the community: beginners, contributors, designers, advanced dive-deep types, etc. Your talk doesn't need to be perfect for every single person at the conference. Blow a few people away instead of mildly amusing everybody.
  • Django should be a core element of your talk. If you plan on talking about Shiny Thing X™ and simply mention that you can use it with Django, it probably won't go over too well. That being said, feel free to be adventurous, just make sure the adventure stays relevant.
  • You have 40 minutes for your talk and Q&A. Make sure you have enough material to fill the time, but remember there's only so much you can squeeze in there.
  • Your talk will be recorded and posted on the web. Make sure that's something you and your topic are comfortable with.

Talk proposals will be accepted until July 10th and accepted talks will be announced by July 25th. Sign up, create a speaker profile, and get your submissions in now! You will be able to come back and revise your submission until the deadline. Remember that speakers must register and pay to attend the conference.

Your talk idea doesn't fit with some of these guidelines? That's OK! We will have open spaces and lightning talk sessions where your topic will fit right in.